1 John 1

Light and Darkness.. 

I cannot say that most in my lifetime was darkness but I could say I already felt some as the worst ones to experience. Those times when I feel I was left alone. I was not being heard of. Those were the times  I do not want to remember anymore. But I must also admit those were the chances I had to be with God all the more. It was like He then reminded me not to be complacent all the time and never try to forget Him in all sense. Thos times were the most unbearable but with Him I was able t surpass. It was like searching for a spark of light once I was overwhelmed by darkness. He tries to let me understand that there is no light without darkness too.  Sometimes I need to experience defeat to know how strong I am. It is not a weakness to accept I am weak. It is just a part of being human and being human, we always need God. In light and in darkness. All He ever wanted is for us to never stay away from the light once we found it, but we always fail. That is why he gives us struggles to let us come to the light once more, with Him.

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