Ecclesiastes 3

Yes, everything has its timing. Everything will be done in its most perfect time for God does not delay things and His timing is just right.

IN MY MARRIAGE, I just knew something wasn't right and I think he (husband) knows that pretty well too. And now in just 2 years, I am tired. Later did I knew that this road I chose to take would be one of the hardest thing I would ever face. It is like I am stabbed straight to my heart whenever he speaks. Seldom would his words caress. I am a prisoner in the bond I chose to cherish. Today, I am in solitude. I can't think straight and do the things I am supposed to do because of these unending emotions battling inside of me.

I hope too this solitude will stop. I hope so too, things will get better and hopefully soon I will be treated right, not like a princess like I was treated by in my root home, but to be treated just right. Just as how he treat others, just as how he talks to my relatives or his family or his friends or to someone other than me. OTHER THAN ME.

I wish I would be better for him so that he will not see all the things I do wrong and that he will not scold me so much. Well, okey may be just a little is fine, but hey, I have emotions too. i just want to be treated too, you know and his words is like a samurai or even  doulble edged sword. I just hope my time of happiness and betterment will soon arrive.

I am praying so hard it will. I hope he will have a change of heart.

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