John 1:1-5

And the word became flesh.

And there, as I start again with my bible reading (with which my good old friend needed still to remind me to do it again), I was then tapped at the back of my head and let me remember that all that I have right now, all that has happened in this lifetime came from Him and nothing else. 

For many months, we prayed to have a child and yet unfortunately we were answered with 2 miscarriages, thus, now we have two angels up above looking down on us. It broke my heart so bad but then maybe it was really not for us. For almost 2 years we prayed for Canada and finally God answered. Now, my education, my husband's work, our cousin's accommodation, our parent's endless support, all came from God. Yes, we are starting a new life here. And then a thought came to me. Maybe as God said, his timing is just right. Just like our moving to Canada, the baby who will complete us is still in the making. God is creating him with perfection for us to truly appreciate and love him dearly. Maybe just one dream at a time Lord. Just one at a time since all came from you. We believe.

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