John 1:6-18

We know that there is God but we ignore Him. We have the Bible at home but we do not evendare to touch or even read it. We use it mostly as a decoration, at times just a something to put something on. It is like we know but we do not believe. 

Knowing that man's tendency of forgetting that there is one God in his everyday life, God is trying to reach out, one, for coming into the world and dwelt among us, and second, through the Bible.

God is calling me to be truthfully, sincerely commit of reading His word. He is touching me now. Reminding me to remember Him specially even in my most busy days which is really true. School, struggles, wife duties keep eating up my senses that I need to keep up, but God tells me to slow down and seek Him. and He will give me rest. and He does, surprisingly, I feel more of myself and that I am more in tune with my thoughts now than I was back then. That is God's love.

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